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Deer In Pink : the idea of painted phone casing.

Deer In Pink
(RM40 exc postage)

Design dia comel sama macam tuan dia. Bila tanya mak, mak cakap "Design ni macam lelaki punya taste tapi kaler pink. Dia lelaki lembut ke?" hahahahaha terbahak aku. comel tau mak ni hehe.  Btw thankyou dear sebab berminat dengan art Vquien Design.

These artwork by Vquien Design is a D.I.Y phone casing which are totally PAINTED NOT PRINTED with a special touch of artwork by only using a simple art materials and design which are purposely to help you to get your own idea in making your own D.I.Y phone casing :)

Get your own collection for handmade casing from Vquien Design now !!!

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Casing are only available for Iphone 5/5s/6/6plus.
Stay tuned with VD for more interesting design soon !!

For more details : Lisa 013-6439257


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