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Sexy Lady l : the idea of painted phone casing.

This casing was custom design by customer and i put on some extra glitter as a background but you guys dont worry because that glitter will not fade away as it was a same material as nail polish.

These artwork by Vquien Design is a D.I.Y phone casing which are totally PAINTED NOT PRINTED with a special touch of artwork by only using a simple art materials and design which are purposely to help you to get your own idea in making your own D.I.Y phone casing :)

Get your own collection for handmade casing from Vquien Design now !!!

RM 45 exc postage

Copyright © 2016 | @vquiendesign | All rights reserved

Casing are only available for Iphone 5/5s/6/6plus.
Stay tuned with VD for more interesting design soon !!

For more details : Lisa 013-6439257


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